Valuation Services

Our valuation team has extensive experience in helping companies with valuation work. Together with our team members from other divisions within the firm, we can provide one stop services for helping clients all the way through a merger and acquisition transaction.

Our valuation services include:

1. Corporate Valuation and Advisory
Corporate valuation refers to providing a professional valuation opinion relating to shareholder’s equity or the overall value of a corporation.
Valuation plays an important role, when a corporation goes through a significant transaction involving a merger or acquisition, or bringing a new joint venture partner or bringing a strategic partner. Carrying out the transaction at a fair and reasonable price is obligation placed on the shoulder of the decision makers and stakeholders.
Grant Thornton Taiwan’s valuation team can assist you to gain an understanding of the value of a target company. Through resources available within the Grant Thornton global network, as well as our database, we can closely analyze each and every transaction, and provide quality information to you at a competitive fee charge.

2. Opinion relating to fair price
Taiwan regulations require public companies to obtain an opinion letter from an independent CPA firm relating to fairness of the price for a proposed M&A deal.
Grant Thornton Taiwan has extensive experience in helping clients to meet compliance requirements. We are seen by many international companies as a preferred choice especially when seeking a professional firm that has excellent reputation in the market and is not associated with its current auditor for independence purpose.

3. Valuation for meeting tax requirements
Taiwan tax office closely scrutinizes value of intangibles derived from a merger or acquisition transaction. If supporting documents are not well prepared, tax office can disallow tax deduction claims for intangibles derived from a merger or acquisition transaction. Grant Thornton Taiwan valuation team can guide you to meet tax requirements and reduce tax risk.