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Dynamic businesses at forefront of M&A

Annual IBR M&A report

Dynamic businesses at the forefront of M&A activity highlights an increasing importance for M&A in driving growth. There is a clear acknowledgment from the 12,500 businesses surveyed that acquisitions will be needed to supplement existing operations.

Mike Hughes, global leader for M&A: “Where many businesses have been operating in a holding pattern since the financial crisis, our research reveals that businesses are now shifting from considering M&A, to actively putting financial and management resources behind acquisitions. This renewed appetite is combined with prospective sellers with realistic valuations entering the market. Now the market is moving, dynamic businesses need to formulate their M&A strategy, understand the opportunities and risks in the global market and take action to drive their next phase of growth.”


Dominic King, Global research manager,, +44 (0) 207 391 9537

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