Global Mobility Services

International organizations that send their people to work in Taiwan will find that tax and legal implications associated with working in the Republic of China differ substantially from those of their home countries. While Taiwan offers a myriad of opportunities for companies and individuals who do business here, employers and entrepreneurs must arrive prepared with a full understanding of the labor laws and tax implications associated with stationing foreign employees in Taiwan in order to avoid penalties and reap the full benefits of their operations in this part of the world. 

At Grant Thornton Taiwan, we advise both companies and individuals on the regulations associated with stationing expatriate employees in Taiwan. We help clients obtain the proper work authorization for their employees prior to the move, and also ensure that appropriate pre-assignment planning opportunities are implemented effectively to minimize the tax burden on both parties.

Arrival Briefing
We offer an one hour arrival briefing for expatriate employees, which includes information regarding local taxes, work permits, culture, history, healthcare, transportation, shopping, etc. to make you and your family’s move to Taiwan a smooth and stress-free experience.

Cross culture training
Taiwan can be an intimidating place for new expatriate employees and their family members. We provide custom training to help new comers to understand cultural and communications norms in order to build new friendships and achieve success in the local business market.

Global Awareness Coaching
Working effectively across international borders can be a difficult process. We can provide coaching to help multinational teams understand differing cultures, improve communication, build strong relationships, learn new strategies, and create successful business results.