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Merger and Acquisition

The M&A Advisory team at Grant Thornton Taiwan is composed of experienced and accomplished professionals who concentrate on advisory services for the acquisition, merger, or sale of a business. We possess expertise in a wide range of industries from the numerous deals we have done. Our goal is to help grow your business with the right acquisition or help you liquidate your business to the right person for the best price.

We have been able to excel in these deals by providing high quality services by utilizing our specialists around the world to meet your problems. Our knowledge of Taiwan’s complex rules and regulations make Grant Thornton Taiwan the right accounting firm to help you.


During the process you can expect our company to help you through the M&A process:

  1. Identify Acquisition criteria or desired price
  2. Search for Targets
  3. Contact targets
  4. Send/receive teaser
  5. Sign a confidentiality agreement
  6. Send/review CIM
  7. Submit an Indication of Interest
  8. Conduct Management Meetings
  9. Ask for or submit a Letter of Intent
  10. Conduct due diligence
  11. Write purchase agreement
  12. Close the deal
  13. Post-closing adjustments and Integration