Grant Thornton Taiwan is committed to providing high quality assurance services to help clients navigate the prevailing climate of tightening regulatory and professional standards.

Our overall approach to auditing is a practical one, which emphasizes looking beyond the accounts and accounting entries to the underlying activities and operations that give rise to those transactions. In this way, our audits yield high levels of quality, relevance, and efficiency. Understanding these activities and operations provides insight into an organization's financial statements-and leads to a better audit. To work this way, we strive to truly understand your business, including the systems, procedures, internal controls, and people who drive the business. We are continually updating our audit approach in anticipation of our clients' changing businesses. We utilize a paperless, technology-based approach known as Voyager that, among other things, is designed to recognize the potential effects of changes in clients' businesses and the environment in which clients operate. The coordination of our risk-based “top down” approach and assessment of both quantitative and qualitative materiality factors helps us deliver work that is both innovative and efficient.

Grant Thornton Horizon audit methodology

Grant Thornton International's Horizon audit approach and Voyager software are designed to achieve a consistent standard in our audit service. We constantly review our audit methodology and software to make sure they are up-to-date with the latest audit standards and regulations. 

Grant Thornton Taiwan has implemented the Horizon audit methodology to enable our staff to perform audits that build understanding of the client's business. We strive to provide management with practical business advice in an efficient, cost-effective way. Grant Thornton Horizon is designed to meet the needs of both large established and growing entrepreneurial companies.

Features of the Grant Thornton Horizon audit approach

•  A partner-led service with experienced professionals involved in all stages 
•  Internal financial controls assessment resulting in practical advice on how these controls can be strengthened 
•  Focus on understanding the important transaction cycles affecting your business 
•  Advanced auditing techniques tailored to the way you do business - no matter the size or location of your company 
•  A high-quality level of service around the world enabling other Grant Thornton member firms to provide advice about the business operations of your company


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At Grant Thornton, our IFRS advisers can help you navigate the complexity of financial reporting.

IFRS support

Our IFRS advisers can help you navigate the complexity of the Standards so you can focus your time and effort on running your business.

IFRS support

IFRS support


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