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Company dissolutions and liquidations

Once a company of any type is dissolved, unless its dissolution is caused by a merger, split-off, or bankruptcy, it shall be liquidated, terminate its legal relationships, and allocate its assets. Where a company is to undergo liquidation, liquidator(s) shall be appointed to process legally-stipulated procedures. The assigned liquidator(s) shall implement all relevant duties required by law to ensure the termination of the company’s legal entity after the liquidation is complete. Our legal services department is familiar with the procedures of dissolution and liquidation and the duties of a liquidator. As such, they understand that the corporate legal entity of a company is not eliminated after being dissolved, despite its settlement and liquidation having been declared, if its liquidation is not completed in accordance with the Company Act and other relevant regulations. Tax collection agencies may still be entitled to recover the company’s payable taxes, and the company’s responsible person may also receive an official letter from the taxation authorities restricting him/her from going abroad. Therefore, our legal services department may appoint liquidators, who will do their utmost to fulfill their duties and complete dissolution and liquidation with care.