Women in business

Jay Lo Jay Lo

“In 2017, leadership teams are grappling with new conditions of global risk. With few predicting the happenings of recent years, businesses around the world are striving to prepare for the further possibility of inconceivable events.” 

But businesses should do more than react to the challenges of our time. As they respond to concrete realities, they must also consider opportunities that promote long-term growth. The need to grasp these chances has arguably never been greater. We have surveyed the role of women in business for the last 13 years and, in this year’s report, we look at the issue of risk and reward. We find that men and women see risk and opportunity in different ways, and that they act differently as a result. Recognise, celebrate and seize upon these differences, and companies stand a better chance of seeing the world as it really is and as it could become. Fail to create diverse teams, and companies become susceptible to ‘groupthink’ – the phenomenon where by engaging only with those who share a similar view of the world, we muffle other perspectives and do not see change coming........

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