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Outlook for France and Germany diverges

11 Feb 2014

New research from Grant Thornton’s International Business Report (IBR) reveals a chasm in the economic outlook of the eurozone’s two largest economies. While French business leaders rank as the most pessimistic in the 45-economy survey of 3,500 businesses, German peers continue to be optimistic about future economic growth, ranking 12th, creating an imbalance which could create instability in the eurozone and pose a threat to economic recovery.

Mining sector faces challenges in Africa

04 Feb 2014

There appears to be a significant lack of foreign investment capital to develop mining projects in Africa

New global technology industry group

29 Jan 2014

Grant Thornton today announced the creation of a global technology industry group. The group will provide a forum for Grant Thornton's technology specialists worldwide to share insights into the opportunities and challenges facing technology organisations, to help clients find solutions in this rapidly evolving sector.

Renewed hiring failing to boost salaries

24 Jan 2014

New figures from Grant Thornton’s International Business Report (IBR) reveal that companies globally are expecting to take on more workers compared with this time last year.

Grant Thornton expands in Brazil

20 Jan 2014

Grant Thornton today announced major expansion in Brazil through two M&A deals, reinforcing the firm's position as the number five accounting firm in that market.

EU businesses support audit market diversity

07 Jan 2014

A clear majority (65%) of businesses across the EU believe there needs to be a more diverse audit market, and 51% support mandatory rotation of audit firms to address the risks of 'over familiarity' between the auditor and the audited company, while 21% do not.

G7 business confidence on the rise

07 Jan 2014

New research from Grant Thornton’s International Business Report (IBR) reveals that businesses in developed markets look set to drive global business growth prospects in 2014, while peers in the BRIC economies face a more challenging period.

Grant Thornton reports annual growth figures

20 Dec 2013

Grant Thornton today announced record combined global revenues of US$4.5 billion driven by 8.1% growth in US dollars (8.9% in local currency) for the year ended 30 September 2013.

EU accounting reform progress welcomed

19 Dec 2013

Grant Thornton welcomes agreement in principle between the co-legislators in Brussels as the proposals - as a package - will substantially address investor concerns over sparse communication from the auditor, long tenure of the auditor, and excessive volume of non-audit services provided to a company by its auditor.

UNICEF donation reaches $330,000

11 Dec 2013

Grant Thornton this week donated US$62,500 to UNICEF UK as part of its ongoing association through the International Business Report (IBR). This takes the total donation made through the project over the past seven years to over US$330,000.