Transfer Pricing

Taiwan introduced a set of transfer pricing regulations similar to those of the OECD in late 2004. In accordance with these regulations, companies with related party transactions that meet certain revenue conditions are required to prepare transfer pricing study reports and disclose related party transactions on their corporate income tax returns. Transfer pricing traditionally occurs where goods or services move between related parties across national borders. Companies engaged in such transactions have to be well-prepared to tackle complex regulations in Taiwan. The Grant Thornton tax team assists such companies by providing three types of transfer pricing services - documentation, planning and defense. 


Grant Thornton Taiwan prepares transfer pricing study reports according to Taiwanese laws and regulations, with content and data collection methodologies following the guidelines of Grant Thornton International. Tax specialists from Grant Thornton Taiwan attend international transfer pricing trainings conducted by Grant Thornton International and actively exchange knowledge with other Grant Thornton member firms. As penalties for incorrect transfer pricing documentation can be severe, these services are seen as essential by many of our clients in Taiwan. 


The growth or restructuring of a company doing international business can provide a good opportunity to review transfer pricing practices and international tax planning. Specialists from our firm have considerable experience managing these types of reviews. 


Legal defense during transfer pricing disputes can take a long time to resolve and inevitably requires digging through old records. Grant Thornton tax specialists have experience negotiating with tax officers, as well as representing clients in tax courts.

Manager, Transfer Pricing Division Mike Lai

International transfer pricing e-book

If you would like an overview of different transfer pricing rules and regulations in key countries and details on contacting Grant Thornton, view our international transfer pricing e-book.